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Fulgencio Pimentel

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Cesar Sanchez Fulgencio Pimentel


PTE - César Sánchez + Alberto García Marcos - Irudika

Fulgencio Pimentel

Fulgencio Pimentel is a publishing house founded in 2006, taking its name from a little forgotten carol by the pop duo Vainica Doble. It is a personal and independent project from the beginning. Fulgencio Pimentel's publishing line is based on artistic criteria and is divided into three lines of publishing: graphic novels, literature (with a poetry collection and a narrative collection, as well as a half-collection with Pepitas de calabaza) and children's and young people's albums. Fulgencio Pimentel has received, among other distinctions, the second prize in the National Competition for the best edited books in 2016 and the Lázaro Galdiano Prize for publishing quality 2018.