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Professional meetings

With the aim of creating new synergies and collaborations between agents, publishers and illustrators, Irudika offers the possibility of having the professional appointments to physical and virtual attendees

The face-to-face appointments will take fifteen minutes of individual meetings with agents, art directors and national and international publishers, with a maximum of 16 appointments per person.

In the case of the online appointments, a selection of 12 illustrators, the illustrators who have requested an appointment through the virtual gallery and have the best score, will make a 10-minute streaming exhibition showing their work or raising questions that they would like to resolve.

Afterwards, the agents will make comments or help to solve doubts between all of them trying to give feedback and suggest improvements to those 10 selected online people.

How it works:

Illustrators who have purchased their tickets both online and physically will be eligible for appointments by selecting the speakers they are most interested in.

The speakers will then select those illustrators whose profile they find interesting, and only those illustrators will have appointments.

Remember to reserve your place by buying your ticket. Tickets on sale here: