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The seventh edition of Irudika will have Japan, Poland and Nigeria as guest countries to take part in the three round tables of Illustration World. Also, in Editorial World we will have guests from Mexico, France, Portugal, Colombia, Spain and many other places.

Artists, publishers, and agents will come to Vitoria-Gasteiz with projects covering illustration, cultural agents and galleries, handmade printing, children's magazines, book covers, poster design and many other subjects.

In addition, the Parallel Sectors conference will feature sustainability and illustration with biomaterials, jewellery and gastronomy as the main topics of conversation between guest illustrators.

As every year, we will have Basque links in each round table, whether they are publishers, artists or illustrators.

Here is a small preview of the profiles of the speakers who will be joining us at Irudika 2023:

  • ANAGRAMA – Silvia Sesé
  • JEKYLL & JILL – Victor Gomollón
  • IGELA ARGITALETXEA – Lander Majuelo
  • ALACRAÑA – Abril Castillo
  • LA LINTERNA – Fabián Villa
  • STOLEN BOOKS – Luis Alegre
  • FOTOKINO – Vincent Tuset-Anres
  • REVISTA GIGANTES – Dani Scharf


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